Words in asteriks ** are spoken telepathically.


Chapter One

"Konnichiwa, Chichi!" Bulma called to her lady friend.

"Konnichiwa, Bulma! Was Vegeta OK last night? He was acting awfully odd," Chichi replied.

"I don't know, he wouldn't say a word when I went upstairs, and he fell asleep alot earlier than usual. And you know, the strangest thing is, you know how he's usually up at five sparring? I woke up at seven thirty and he was still asleep! I don't get it, there was something about yesterday that really freaked him out," Bulma told her. Chichi developed a worried look.

"That is weird. Nothing was wrong with Goku last night, and usually if one of those two is acting weird, they both are. Is he here now, anyway?" Chichi asked. The ususal huge group was at the picnic site, and most were pretty calm and were acting normally.

"Yeah, he's right over there, still acting weird," Bulma replied, pointing to a tree to the side of the clearing, pretty much away from all the noise and talking. Chichi could see her friend's husband sitting cross-legged against the base of the tree, his arms loosely crossed, looking thoughtfully and somewhat sadly at the ground in front of him. "Even weirder than last night," Bulma continued.

"No kidding," Said Chichi, and the two women walked over to join the more populated area of the clearing.




Rei was getting really worried about her sensei. Vegeta never acted like this, so intensely thoughtful and…well, for lack of a better word…depressed. She couldn't stand seeing him like this, and finally told Trunks he would have to just fool around with Goten and Mina for a while. Trunks had no problem with this and knew better than to ask where his girlfriend was going.

Rei headed over to the tree where her sensei was sitting. She came up behind him and reached out, putting her hand on his shoulder. He gasped and whipped around, jumping up and taking a battle stance in a split second. Rei was really worried now; he hadn't even felt her rapidly growing and familiar ki approaching him, or if he did, he didn't realize it. She watched him relax back down to his previous sitting position at the base of the tree, not saying anything.

Rei sat down in front of him and gave him a worried look. "Vegeta-sensei? Doushitano? Don't tell me nothing's wrong, I'm not that much of a baka," she said gently, but firmly. She almost flinched when he looked up at her with those dark, serious, shining black eyes that were like two neverending pools of secret knowledge and a dark past. The look in them now was not very comforting.

"Rei-chan…it's him…" Her sensei's voice was hardly audible. His face was serious and thoughtful. The girl also knew that if Vegeta was calling her Rei-chan, something was wrong.

"Well that doesn't tell me much. Who's this 'Him?'" Rei asked.

"Freezer. Again. For the third time. That's who was controlling a warrior at Super Saiya-Jin level three. And believe me, he could control two Super Saiya-Jin level four warriors almost as easily," Vegeta told his student, "and kill them even easier than that. I don't know where or how he got all this power but man, this is going to be some fight." Rei was speechless. After about a minute of silence, her sensei spoke again.

"I…I…don't want to…die again…I don't want to leave Bulma alone…or Bra or Trunks or you, Rei-chan." Her sensei's voice was barely above a hoarse whsiper. Rei's mouth could hardly stay shut. She could never have even imagined her handsom sensei being scared, even in her wildest dreams. She didn't think anyone else could, either.

"I don't want to feel that pain again, it's happened…too many times…he killed me the first time…he'll do it again…What if he kills Bulma, too…and you, Rei-chan…" The prince's voice broke off. He didn't say anything else for fear of getting too sentimental. Rei was baffled. She wanted to throw her arms around her sensei and tell him everything would be OK, but that was just not something one did to the proud Prince of the Saiya-Jins.

"Oniichan, how do you even know it's him? Maybe it's not-"

"There is no doubt whatsoever," Vegeta cut her off, collecting himself and strengthening his voice again, even though he was obviously still shaken by his previous thoughts. "I felt his ki last night. All last night. I couldn't feel anything else, it's so huge. It's completely wiped out my ki sense. Even going to sleep for a long time didn't remove his presence from my mind; it's like sensing this overwhelming ki constantly; that's all I can feel right now. It's not gone."

"Oh Kami! That's why you didn't know I was behind you!" Rei felt immensely sorry for her tortured brother figure. "…And when I touched you-"

"I thought it was him coming to kill me," Vegeta finished with a cold bluntness. "I won't even be able to tell when he arrives on the planet, because I can't feel him approaching or receeding. His ki reading is consant and huge. I wonder why no one else can feel it…"

"Maybe because you had a history with him. You said that sometimes when you've been around someone for a long time, you're ultrasensitive to their ki," Rei suggested.

"Like me and Kakkarott…we always know where eachother are. Perhaps that's the case. Also, I was looking for an approaching ki…it might be that once I found it, it was so huge that now I can't let go," The Saiya-Jin thought out loud.

"Try not to let it bother you too much, Oniisan. You won't be able to function right. At least you can still talk. Do you want to tell Bulma-chan about it? Or would it freak her out?" Rei asked.

"No, I won't tell Bulma, but I know who I will tell. And he needs to know." Vegeta stood up and walked deeper into the forest, motioning Rei to let him be. She understood and ran back over to join in again with Trunks, Goten and Mina.





Goku yelped and stopped in mid-kick. Piccolo grabbed his foot and threw him to the ground. He sat up.

*Nani?! Vegeta? Is that you?* Goku was surprised. Vegeta never contacted him telepathically.

*Yeah. Get over here, there's something terrible going on.*

*Huh? Does it have to do with-*

*Yes, come on.*

*Hai.* Goku put his fingers to his forehead and dissapeared. Piccolo sighed and started his meditation.




Vegeta watched as Goku appeared in front of him. The taller Saiya-Jin gave his former prince an odd look.

"Vegeta, you almost never use telepathy. What's up?" Goku asked. Vegeta looked at him with serious eyes that told Goku this was not a light matter and this was not the time for jokes of any kind. Goku's expression became hard.


"NAAANNIIIIII!?!?!? We've killed him two times already!!!!"

"It's his ki. I felt it last night night, because I was searching for an approaching ki signature. I found it, but it was so huge that now it's dominated my ki senses. I am numb to every other ki in the universe. I can't even tell if he's coming or going, Kakkarott. He's so powerful…he could easily kill both you and me at Super Saiya-Jin four. Don't you try to search for his ki, you'll get stuck in it, too. We need someone who can still---ah--" Vegeta stopped in mid sentence. His eyes widened and his mouth parted. Goku noticed his fingers twitching. Vegeta took in a few raspy breaths and then fell to his knees, staring straight ahead. Goku immediately dropped to his level and grabbed his shoulders, shaking his sparring partner lightly.

"VEGETA? Hey, Vegeta? Hanashite, what is it? What's wrong?" Goku asked in an urgent tone. Vegeta said something, but it was so inaudibly low and quiet Goku didn't hear a word he said.

"Nanda?" Goku asked again. This time, Vegeta spoke up in a broken, uneven voice.

"He's here. On Chikyuu."

"NAAANNIIIIIIIII?!?!?! MASAKA!!!! THAT SOON?!" Goku fairly screamed at his partner. Just as Vegeta solomnenly nodded, Goku, and everyone else for that matter, heared a huge noise from a little ways away on the other side of the lake. Clouds of dust rose a little ways away, and a bright purple light flashed through the surrounding area.

All of the senshi's senses pricked and they dashed over to the clearing in question. Even the girls dashed over, their warrior's insticts telling them a battle was not far away. The Z senshis didn't know why the girls came along, but they didn't have time to try and stop them.

As the rest arrived, Vegeta and Goku were already on the scene, waiting impatiently for the dust to clear. As it did, it revealed a very familiar ship: the same spacecraft that Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin had seen on the old Namek when first battling Freezer. It sent a chill through those five's spines. Everyone capable of it felt his ki now; it had taken over their senses, too. The group of senshis froze as a figure stepped off of the ramp which descended from the ship's doorway. The rest of the dust settled, revealing their enemy.

"So, I meet the monkeys again. I see you've been very busy, you two." Freezer looked at Goku and Vegeta, who snarled back at him. "I see many young Saiya-Jins here, counting that little brat who was on Namek all those years ago. Not so little anymore, is he? Well, since I never got to kill you, monkey brat, I'll be sure to fit you into my schedule this time around.

"It looks like Kakkarotto spawned another brat, too. So, Ouji Vejiita, are you a proud tousan, also? Ah, I see. It's that obnoxious purple-haired brat who defeated me a second time. You look too young though, and different. I can see Vegeta stamped all over you, young prince," Freezer said to Trunks. The boy vaguely recognized this monster from Son Goku and Gohan's stories: Freezer, who had caused the first Super Saiya-Jin to arise, the one that his future self had defeated so easily. Trunks hated this creature without ever having met him. Freezer spoke again, as he eyed the new senshis.

"I see you also rounded up a group of school girls to try and protect Chikyuu with you. Oh, how delightful, I get to meet the whole entire gang this time. All these lovely girls, I'm so sorry I have to end these beautiful relationships. There's Kakkarotto's woman," Freezer sent a glare towards Chichi, who was clinging to Goku's shoulder, "Oooh! And who's this leaning on our proud prince? I never thought I would live to see the day when Vegeta was a happy husband with little halfbreed brats, too." Bulma growled at the monster and tried to break free of her husband's viselike grip, but Bulma's mate had no intention of letting his princess run off on a suicide mission.

"Oooh, fiesty woman, eh, Vegeta? Just your style. But enough gab, who wants to die first?" Freezer sent a glare around the circle of senshis. They returned the favor, the Saiya-Jin members and the two furious wives growling loudly.

"Freezer!!! You have no right to interfere with our lives! You gave us no time to plan anything, and since you're so superior, the most sensible thing you could do to allow us to put up a good fight is give us a couple days to collect ourselves. If you don't do that, it only proves what a coward you are," Goku yelled at the offending entity. Freezer frowned at his long-time foe.

"Fine, monkey, but if you aren't here by this time in two days, I will hunt you all down and murder you all in your sleep!" Freezer spat, and stormed back into his ship, the door slamming down after him. The senshis let out huge sighs.

"I guess we have two days to dream up a plan," Piccolo said. Gohan nodded.

"We have to do something, no matter what it is. I guess we better hurry home and start thinking. All senshis meet at the Capsule Corporation. Everyone else can either do as they please or listen in just for reference," Goku said. "Bulma, you probably have some work to do or something. We won't be too loud. Bulma? Hey Bulma…? Doushitano?"

Bulma was standing with her fists clenched, a furious, helpless look on her face. Even Vegeta was a little confused.

"I'll tell you what's wrong!!! It's that every time there's a fight, I can't do anything except build machines and stand by and watch!! I wanna help, I wanna fight!! I have to, I have to help fight this time! I don't care what it takes!! Chikyuu is in danger and it needs my help this time!!!" Bulma screamed. A bright pink light suddenly shined from her forehead, then dimmed, forming a bright shining heart symbol.

Luna and Artemis gasped. They recognized this situation all too well: they had finally found the final Inner Senshi that had gone undiscovered for so long. The two cats smiled in relief and awe. They knew that this Scout would know what to do.

"CHIKYUU!!! CRISIS!!!!! POWER!!!!!!!!" The Z and Sailor senshis couldn't believe their eyes. The Scouts knew what was happening and were stunned, while the Saiya-Jin warriors & Co. didn't know what was happening and were equally stunned.

"MAKE UP!!!!!" A bright green light filled the air, and Bulma's body glowed a bright aqua. Green starlight formed the traditional Sailor Senshi fuku, boots, gloves and tiara, and three green translucent leaf-shaped petals rested on each shoulder, near identical to Super Sailor Moon's. Star earrings hung from her ears, and light green fuku skirt and bows, front and back (the back of which having long green trails flowing from it) formed, completeing the senshi outfit.

Everyone else could only stare as the beautiful new scout looked down at her outfit in awe, not knowing for a moment what she had gotten herself into.

"We've finally found her," Luna said to Artemis with tears of happiness in her eyes.

"Super Sailor Chikyuu."


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