* = Vegeta's "pet name" for Rini

I will refer to future Bulma as Mirai Bulma, always, and regular Bulma as just plain Bulma.


Chapter One


"TO THE FUTURE? ARE YOU INSANE?!" Bulma yelled. "Mirai Bulma will have a heart attack seeing all of us!!"

"Actually, I think it would probably do her good," Mirai Trunks said. "It would give her a better sense of reality."

"Hey, don't we have Dragon Balls?" Goku said, his face brightening.

"Duh, Kakkarott, unless you killed Dende they're still here," Vegeta grumbled at his taller counterpart.

"Well, couldn't we wish back everyone who died in your timeline with our Dragon Balls?" Goku asked everyone. Vegeta frowned in annoyance.

"NO, Kakkarott! They've been dead for WAY more than one year, baka!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Heh heh…" Goku stuck his hand behind his head in embarrassment.

"Well, it was a good idea, anyway," Mirai Trunks stated. "We could really use some strong help with the rebuilding. By the way, what was that ki I felt over here?"

"You felt a ki all the way in a different dimension?" Bulma asked, stunned. She knew who's ki it was, there was no question, but she couldn't imagine all that power.

"Oh yeah. Even my mom felt it, and she's not even trained to sense ki," the young man told her.

"That's wild," Goku said, his eyes widening. "I didn't know you got THAT powerful, Vegeta."

"VEGETA-SAN??!!!! THAT WAS YOU??!!!!!!" Mirai Trunks almost fell over. After he regained his balance, his blue eyes, which looked ready to roll out of his head, didn't move from his would-be father. The young man didn't seem to be mentally strong enough to close his mouth.

"Hmm. Guess it was," Vegeta said, looking stunned himself. He had to admit: Kakkarott brought the most obvious and overlooked points to attention. The prince noticed something different about the future version of his son as he looked up at him.

Looked up.

"Hey, since when did you get so tall?" Vegeta said to him. Mirai Trunks noticed, too, that he now looked down at the small warrior. Vegeta frowned.

"Dang. Now the only person I can look down on is that little shrimp Krillin," the Prince complained. "Even Bra, Marron and Bunny-Ears* are as tall as I am." Goku laughed, and noticed that Mirai Trunks had not taken his eyes off of Vegeta.

"Hey Trunks, we'll explain everything and introduce you to some people you don't know, and some who don't know you," Goku said. Trunks managed to nodd and walk inside the Capsule Corporation. The Z troops rounded up everyone including the Sailor Senshis, and herded them into the huge house.




"…and that's everything! Now for introductions." Bulma had just finished telling the story of their couple recent battles and the levels of SSJ that Mirai Trunks had never seen. The young man was gawking throughout the tale. He snapped back to attention as Bulma began introducing people.

"Well, as you can see, this is your current self," Bulma pointed to Trunks, who was looking rather confused at there being two hims in the same room.

"This is Bra, your would-be sister," Bulma pointed at Bra, who seemed comfortable with the whole thing and waved at her Mirai brother.

"Marron is Juuhachi and Krillin's daughter…" Mirai Trunks sprang off of the couch, eyes darting around the room.

"Where's Juuhachigou?" the young man demanded. Vegeta grabbed his wrist and pulled him roughly back onto the couch.

"Baka, she's redeemed herself, keep your idiot paws off of her," he growled, as Juuhachi entered the room with drinks. Mirai Trunks tensed as Juu gave him an odd look when she saw the young man glaring at her.

"Umm…anyone want lemonade?" she asked, avoiding the angry warrior's glare. She remembered him faintly from the battle with Cell, but few memories remained from the time when she was evil.

Bulma took a lemonade and continued. "Uhh, yeah. And these are our new friends Serena, Darien, Chibi-Usa…well, Rini, really; Ami, Mina, Lita and Rei. They are the senshis who helped out with Freezer. And that's it! So when do we go to the future?"

Mirai Trunks had a little trouble seeing the cute girls as senshis, but who knew in this crazy world, he thought. "Well, whenever you want, I guess," he replied. "I put more seats in the time machine for the purpose, even though I didn't tell Kasaan."

"Great! So, when does everyone want to go?" Bulma said. Various "now"s were heard around the room. Bulma stood up and stamped her foot. "Then now it is!!! Umm…girls, you might want to call your families and tell them you're going on a…err…trip with us, yeah that's it. A trip." Serena, Ami and Mina nodded and rushed to a phone. Bulma looked at the remaining two oddly. She knew Darien lived by himself, but not the two girls.

"I live alone, my parents are dead," Lita said bluntly. Bulma gasped.

"And I'm from the future, from even another dimension! I'm the princess of Crystal Tokyo!" Rini bubbled. "I guess we have something in common, ne?" The pink-haired teen turned to Mirai Trunks, who looked a little surprised.

"Guess so," he replied, "but how do you time travel?"

"With my Time Key!" Rini pulled it out from underneath her pink tee shirt and showed it to him. "It's magic!"

"Wow," Mirai Trunks said. If anything, he was a little startled.

The three other girls ran back into the room. "We can go!" they said in unison.

"Great then! We're off, let's go!" Bulma ran out the door, followed by everyone else.

"Boy, that woman is eager to go," Vegeta thought out loud. Goku nodded in reply, a rather confused look crossing both Saiya-Jin's faces.




Everyone had been strapped into the seats except Darien and Marron, who had chosen not to go. The door to the time machine closed, and Mirai Trunks started working buttons. Bulma looked around in fascination.

"Wow, I really am a genius," she said out loud, as she marveled at the handiwork of her future self. Her thoughts were interrupted as a small knock sounded on the door. Mirai Trunks opened it. There stood Dende and Piccolo, surrounded by Dragon Balls.

"Hey, what are you doing here with the Dragon Balls?" Goku asked.

"Well, I heard your conversation from Heaven and the thing is, you could do that, you would just have to contribute some of your own power to the Dragon Balls to activate them and wish back people who have been dead for quite a while. Heck, with Son Goku and Vegeta's power, I'd bet you could wish back people dead from natural causes, also," Dende explained. Mirai Trunks looked at him with hope.

"You…you really mean it?!" he exclaimed. Dende nodded, as he loaded the Dragon Balls into the ship.

"Farewell, warriors!" Dende called, and the door closed shut. Mirai Trunks turned to his passengers.

"Well, we'll be taking off now," he said, and pressed a large green button. The loud rumble of a spacecraft's engine rumbled, and the ship shot into the air. Surprisingly enough, it was but a few seconds until they stopped and landed, having spent barely any time in travel. The door opened, revealing a very huge, very familiar structure: the Capsule Corporation headquarters.

"Everybody out, we're here!" Mirai Trunks said, hopping out of the time machine. The others followed, looking around in awe at their surroundings.

There were a couple wrecked buildings to either side, which had cranes and workers reconstructing them. The Capsule Corp. looked no different from the place in which they'd just been. A woman with blue/green hair came running out the door, crashing into Mirai Trunks and hugging him, not even noticing the others, despite being about four meters away.

"Trunks! Trunks-kun, I thought you were gonna get killed, that was some power we felt, did you even fight, you don't look roughed up, oh thank Kami you're OK, I was---" The woman looked up.

And saw her own face staring right back at her in wonder.

And a whole band of people standing behind her.

Faces that she hadn't seen in so long.


"Hey, you're me!" Mirai Bulma heard herself say. Well, her other self.

"Yeah. Oh my, this is…wow, I can't believe it…wow this is WONDERFUL!!! Oh thank KAMI, Trunks!! ARIGATOU!! I…I haven't seen you guys in…YEARS! Well…I've seen me and Trunks, but not the rest of you!!! I know you don't know me but we're all the same no matter what dimension we're from, right? Welcome to my Capsule Corporation, come in come in!" Mirai Bulma bubbled. She hopped up and down and motioned the senshis to follow her inside. Mirai Trunks went without hesitation.

Bulma ran towards her future self. "Hey wait! I HAVE to see your work! That time machine is ingenious, ya gotta show me how!!" Mirai Bulma stopped and grinned a huge grin. She knew she was going to be great friends with her other self. She waited for Present Bulma to catch up and they ran into the house together.




The two women were alone in the CC labs, exploring all the different things Mirai Bulma had to show to herself. She also had many questions to ask.

"So, Bulma, can you answer some questions I have?"

"Sure! Shoot!"

"OK, how's Son-kun?"

"He's wonderful, he has another son."

"REALLY?! That's wonderful! What's his name?"

"Goten. He's best friends with Trunks. You can hardly see the two apart."

"And Krillin?"

"Well, guess what? Our Juuhachi redeemed herself and married him, and they have a daughter named Marron!"

"Wow, that's awesome! And who were all those nice girls?"

"They're the Sailor Senshis, our wonderful new friends. Quite a few pairs have met up. Mina, the blonde without the strange hairstyle, is Goten's, Rei, the black-haired girl, is Trunks's, and Ami, the blue-haired one, is Gohan's. I think those last two will get married soon."

"Really? Wow! And who were those two younger girls?"

"The one with the pink hair is Rini and the one with our color hair is Bra."


"Yeah…umm…she's my daughter."

"YOU'RE DAUGHTER?! That's wonderful! I can't believe he let you…"

"Yeah, I couldn't either, at the time. Strange man."

"Umm…how…how is he, these days?"

"He's so different. He's so…I don't know…at peace. He's reasonably nice to everyone, he loves Bra and Trunks, and he's taken in Lita, the brown-haired girl, and Rei as his students. He's training them himself, they love him so much. He's like their big brother, they actually call him Oniisan and he doesn't care. I think he actually likes it."

"I miss him so much. I wish he were still here…and I could have a daughter, too…"

Bulma put her hand on her future counterpart's shoulder. "I know, I would miss him too. You're so brave, I couldn't live without him for this long, I'd go completely insane!" Bulma smiled. Mirai Bulma smiled back.

"Arigatou, you're such a good friend. I…I don't think I'll know what to say around him, or if I can control myself and keep from running into his arms and kissing him and calling him Vegetable. Hehehe!"

"That's OK. If you do that, it'll be fun for me because I get to see him turn red and mentally curse at me in Saiya-go, haha!"

"Ahaha! Oh, I'm going to have such fun with everyone. Trunks…I mean, my Trunks…tends to get sort of shy and quiet around people. I think he feels sort of awkward around you guys. But the way I see it is that no matter what dimension you're from, everyone's the same person."

"They'll understand. Well, I'll have to coax Veg a little but he'll get used to you. And if he doesn't, then I guess we'll have to live with him anyway."

"Don't worry, I remember how he was. I know how to deal with him, and he was much tougher back then. Arigatou again, Bulma-chan. Oh look, here's the plans to the time machine!"

"Oh, goody goody! I can't wait to see how you constructed the thing!"

The two Bulmas ran down the walkway to see Mirai Bulma's time machine lab, plans and tools.




"So, when are we going to use the Dragon Balls?"

The whole crew was wandering around the future Capsule Corporation, checking differences just out of curiosity. Goku was still intent on using the Dragon Balls, or trying to, at least.

"Whenever we have the time, I guess," Juuhachi replied. The artificial human dodged just in time as the two Bulmas bursted out of the lab, laughing at something and covered in dust.

"Man, I haven't looked at that junk for so long!" Mirai Bulma exclaimed happily. Bulma laughed.

"Well it sure was dusty down there, man! That was cool though, I never thought of that!"

"Well some of the stuff you thought of I never would have thought of either. That stuff will save us thousands of zeni! Arigatou!" The pair ran into the kitchen looking at their watches.

"Gee, it's almost dinnertime, I guess we better start making some food. Hey Juu, Lita, Chichi? Wanna help make dinner?" Bulma yelled from the kitchen.

"Sure, Bulma! Wait for us! What are we making?" Lita called back, as the three women began preparing dinner entrees fit for a herd of Saiya-Jins.




"Dende, I haven't cooked for this many Saiya-Jins in so long!" Mirai Bulma thought out loud. The others laughed.

"Well, we have plenty of experience! Those boys sure scoff it down, that's for sure," Lita giggled, washing out a pan.

"Hey, at least we'll have a little more help," Mirai Bulma stated. The others gave her confused looks. All except the other Bulma.

"Oh yeah, that's right! Your Trunks told us that this Chichi was still alive, too!" Bulma exclaimed. Chichi blanched.

"You mean, there's going to be two of me, too?" she asked. "I won't know what to say!" The matronly woman then laughed, thinking of meeting another her.

"Yeah, I called her earlier. I told her everything, and she can't wait to see Son-kun's face! You know, Goku will be so nice to her. He won't mind the difference at all, he'll just want to make her happy. You know Son-kun," Mirai Bulma said with a smile. "You won't mind, will you Chichi?"

"Of course not. The poor dear, she must miss him so. I couldn't stand it if he was gone for that long. The longest I've had to stand that is alot less than the time she's been without him," Chichi replied, also smiling. Juu developed a worried look on her face as she scrubbed a pot.

"I hope I don't scare her too much, she might think I'm back from the dead," Juuhachigou said with concern. Mirai Bulma shook her head no.

"I told her all about you and she's so happy for you and Krillin. Don't worry about scaring anybody. What I can't wait to see is how Vegeta gets about having two wives around, hehehe!" Mirai Bulma and everyone else laughed for a long time about that.

A knock on the door rushed Mirai Bulma out of the kitchen. She came back with an excited black-haired woman in a very familiar dress.

"Kobanwa, everyone! Arigatou for inviting me, Bulma-chan. I appreciate it so much," Mirai Chichi said, and smiled at everyone. "Juuhachigou, I know it's a little late, but congratulations to you and Krillin, I'm happy he finally found someone. Who's this young lady?"

"My name's Lita, I'm one of the Z Senshi's new friends and Vegeta's student, also. Pleased to meet you!" Lita said, smiling at the worn, happy woman.

"I'm so pleased to meet you all. I hope you won't mind me going crazy over your Son-chan, Chichi. Oh, it's so weird calling someone my own name!" Mirai Chichi started bustling around the kitchen, making all sorts of things at record time, and ten times better than anyone else in the kitchen. Everyone immediately loved her.


After about a half an hour, there were huge pots and bowls filled with rice and vegetables, noodles and many other entrees. Saiya-Jins started flocking towards the kitchen's wonderful scent, as did those who were not Saiya-Jin. The cooking women began setting food out on the table, keeping a close watch on various Saiya-Jins who might wolf down the food behind their backs. Soon enough, though, everyone sat down to dinner.

Mirai Chichi's face became rosy with delight as she saw her long-gone husband enter the room and smile at her.

"Kobanwa, you must be Mirai Chichi! I guess you know me, huh?" Goku said with his usual friendly smile that was just begging Mirai Chichi to run over and hug him.

"Oh my…it's been so long, Goku…it's so nice to see you again," she said. "Who's that boy? I've never seen him before."

"Oh, that's my son Goten! He's our Trunks' best friend," Goku replied. Mirai Chichi was stunned.

"Two sons? Wow, that's weird. Well, I suppose we should sit down," she said as others began filling the room and sitting down.

As soon as Vegeta found a seat, Lita and Rei flew to his either side, plopping down with huge grins and giggles as Vegeta groaned good-naturedly and rolled his eyes. Bulma sat next to Mirai Bulma, and the two Chichis did the same. The two pairs of women were getting along amazingly well and were already wonderful friends. Juuhachi and Krillin sat across from each other, Mirai Trunks sat next to his mother, Goku sat down next to Gohan, who was next to Ami, and Trunks took a seat next to Rei with Goten at his side, who was flanked by Mina. Bra and Rini sat across from each other, Bra being next to Mirai Trunks and Rini being next to Mina. All in all, quite a huge table.

After food was passed around, mass conversation began. Lita and Rei's mission of the meal was to see how many times they could get their sensei to turn red, or at least pink; Mina, Trunks and Goten blabbed about the beginning of the new school year, which was Trunks's senior year; Bra and Rini talked about boys; Mirai Trunks, Bulma and Mirai Bulma all talked about technology and machines, the two Chichis talked about food, Goku had too much food in his mouth to talk about anything, Juuhachi and Krillin talked about cars and bills, and Gohan and Ami talked about academics and different colleges in Japan.

Soon enough, all food was finished, and satisfied Saiya-Jins and humans alike were satisfied and got up from the table. The six cooks removed food from the table and washed out all the dishes.

"Lita, hurry up! You need to get some training in or you'll get soft, and if you want to finish before midnight I suggest you get out here now!" Vegeta called into the kitchen, where Lita was chatting busily with her lady friends.

"I think you better go," Mirai Bulma said, smiling at the girl. Lita smiled back and bounced out of the kitchen, crashing into Vegeta on purpose on the way out and giggling hysterically along with Rei as they ran quickly out the door. Vegeta sighed and bursted out the door after them, yelling something about brining extra senzu just in case. Three colored streaks blasted across the night sky.

"Those girls really love him, and he loves them too, doesn't he?" Mirai Bulma said, scrubbing out a pan.

"No kidding," Bulma replied, rinsing silverware and gazing at the stars outside the window. "He sure does."


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